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Music Production
Music production

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Starting  50€ per hour

I'm a producer with a ton of experience in bringing music to life. I can take your basic riff demos and your phone-recorded vocal melodies, turning them into fully polished compositions.


In my studio, I can add those extra touches to your tracks with cool synths and intricate orchestral arrangements. I love creating a sound that goes beyond genres—whether it's the heavy vibes of metal, the sweet harmonies of a chamber music trio, or the epic depth of a film score.

Choose me as the producer for your record, and rest assured, I won't settle for anything less than reaching the highest peak. I'm here to guide you over any fence – no compromises, just elevating your music to new heights!



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starting 100€ per song + 45€/h

I can take your existing multitracks and turn them into professionally mixed tracks ready for platforms like Spotify. From reamping to drum editing, vocal tuning, and even throwing in some backing vocals, I've got a versatile skill set. My signature style is all about sculpting a sound that not only lifts the music but also brings all the performances together into a solid emotional experience. If you're into recordings with a bright and expansive sonic palette.


Mastering is something I almost always do after finishing a mix. My clients can be confident they'll receive a professionally mastered, streaming-ready sound directly from the same source. I can create master CDs and send them as DDP.

Instructions for Delivering Mixing Files 

Studio time
Studio Time

45€ per hour (Engineer incl.)

At my own studio in my house, I am accustomed to recording drums with ease. I focus on capturing performances with proper tuning and the right sound. The musician has to hear the music in the monitoring as it should be on the recording.

I also like to bring new ideas to the arrangement if the music fits better when played differently. 

I also offer recording for all sorts of voices and sounds!


You are free to ask me to do recordings in any studio or location worldwide that is perfect for your performance.

Video Production
Video production


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Starting  50€ per hour

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in creating a professional music video. I provide comprehensive services, handling both shooting and editing, as well as assisting in script development. Additionally, if you already have video material, I can expertly transform it into a polished final product. I also offer lyric videos, incorporating stock footage to enhance visual appeal.


Your vision is my priority, and I'm here to ensure your project meets the high standards of professionalism and creativity."

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