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Starting 50per hour Call for a Quote
Starting 50per hour Call for a Quote

I have around 15 years of experience in live mixing for various productions, including theatre, musicals, and big bands. I have worked with professional audio mixing consoles such as Digico, Yamaha, Behringer, and more. Additionally, I possess expertise in managing backing tracks, including arrangement and seamless integration. Whether you prefer utilizing your own equipment or need assistance in organizing all the necessary gear for a performance, I am well-equipped to handle live sound production with precision and professionalism.

Starting 50 per hour Call for a Quote

If you want to capture the vibe of your live event with cool photos or videos, I've got you covered for social media or any marketing stuff you need. I can also capture entire live concerts or theater shows – just let me know what you're looking for!

I specialize in live recordings, with a primary focus on delivering expedited mixing services to promptly provide the audience with recordings shortly after the performance. It's also crucial to enhance the sound beyond what was originally captured straight from the PA feed.You can contact me if you have your own live recordings and would like them professionally mixed

200€ + 50€ per hour 

"I do live streaming to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. I operate a small, personal three-camera setup, and you have the option to request either straightforward streaming solutions or to utilize your own equipment for a customized setup. Feel free to reach out for professional live streaming services tailored to your specific needs."

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