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Elmeri Kinnunen

Elmeri Kinnunen

Hey there! I'm a producer and mixer with a ton of experience in bringing music to life. I can take your basic riff demos and your phone-recorded vocal melodies, turning them into fully polished compositions.


I can also take your existing multitracks and turn them into professionally produced and mixed tracks ready for platforms like Spotify. From reamping to drum editing, vocal tuning, and even throwing in some backing vocals, I've got a versatile skill set.


In my studio, I can add those extra touches to your tracks with cool synths and intricate orchestral arrangements. I love creating a sound that goes beyond genres—whether it's the heavy vibes of metal, the sweet harmonies of a chamber music trio, or the epic depth of a film score.


My signature style is all about sculpting a sound that not only lifts the music but also brings all the performances together into a solid emotional experience. If you're into recordings with a bright and expansive sonic palette, I'm the perfect collaborator for your creative projects.

Work experiece

2011 - 


I have been involved in recording and mixing since 2003. After finishing school in Tornio, I started doing recordings and live mixing on the side of my day jobs. Around 2015, I began exploring video production as a hobby, and this interest evolved into professional video editing. In 2022, I had the opportunity to create my first short musical movie "Saga Caiania" in collaboration with Caiania.

2015 - 2024

Performance Technician
Kuhmo Arts Centre

Kuhmo-talo is a highly esteemed concert and event venue in Kuhmo, Finland. In my most recent role, I was responsible for the audio, lighting, and video technology in the Lentua Hall. This involved concerts, theater, recordings, confrences, etc.


2008 - 2011

Pop & Jazz Conservatory Lappia Music Technology

The program primarily emphasized working with audio in both studio and live, with additional components covering playing instruments, music theory, and music history. 

2004 - 2007

Kuhmon Yhteislukio,
Music Program - 2007 Graduate

A Finnish high school with a music-oriented program primarily focused on comprehensive music theory, accompaniment, ensemble playing, and choir activities.

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